DBT groups provide skills and support to individuals who are looking to better regulate their emotions and find greater ease in their lives. Our support group offers tools, techniques and support for close friends and family members of those struggling with personality disorders and/or mental illness.

Skills Taught

  1. Mindfulness: Increasing presence and self-awareness across situations.
  2. Distress Tolerance: Learning how to survive a difficult situation without making it worse.
  3. Emotional Regulation: Teaching skills that help patients understand and experience their feelings in a less overwhelming way.
  4. Interpersonal Effectiveness: Helping clients strengthen both personal and professional relationships and gain insight into their relational patterns.

Denver DBT’s entire program takes approximately 40 weeks to complete. We divide the skill sets into 8-10 week modules with review at the end of each module. Repeating the program two or three times allows for increased proficiency. Many people find this additional practice quite helpful in honing their DBT skills. Our groups are “open” in that (after completing the intake process) individuals may start at any time during the modules.

In addition to DBT, we are currently accepting intakes for a Support Group (for close friends and family members of those struggling with personality disorders and/or mental illness). Being close to someone who is struggling with a personality disorder or mental illness can bring up painful feelings such as helplessness, anger and loneliness.

This group offers a supportive environment to help navigate the difficulties that can be experienced in these close relationships. This is accomplished in part through members sharing their experiences and struggles with others in similar situations. Additionally, the group teaches DBT tools and techniques to help members effectively communicate with their loved one while caring for themselves.

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