Psychological Testing and Diagnosis

Psychological assessments are empirically based, objective measures of personality, mental health disorders, intelligence, and learning difficulties. The purpose of an assessment is to promote greater self-awareness, to direct mental health treatment, and/or to identify underlying learning difficulties. Assessments may include a biopsychosocial clinical interview with the client and/or additional sources, formal test administration, record review, and behavioral observations to provide a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s functioning. At the conclusion of an evaluation, the individual will meet with their evaluator to receive feedback on their results and take home a formal written report outlining the findings and treatment recommendations. Denver DBT offers psychological assessments for adults, adolescents, and children.

An assessment may be helpful if you have experienced one or more of the following:

  • You have received multiple mental health diagnoses in the past and would like an objective approach to understanding your mental health conditions.
  • You are concerned you may have a personality disorder or a mental health condition.
  • You are making limited progress in therapy and wonder if there are areas outside of your current awareness that need to be addressed in treatment.
  • You have struggled in school or in the workplace and have wondered about a learning disability or ADHD/ADD diagnosis.

For more information about psychological testing, including prices, please contact us.

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